Lego Tower Workshop

Team up to build the world’s highest LEGO® tower!

This playful workshop, which emphasizes 3D structural thinking and motor skills, encourages teamwork and active cooperation through enjoyable constructional challenges. The whole group can work together to build the world´s highest LEGO® tower’ ‑ a unique building constructed according to the targets set by the members of the group and as facilitated by the teacher. This stimulating task encourages social interaction and develops the participants’ teamwork skills in an entertaining and inspiring way. The contribution made by each member of the team is an individual, but essential, part of the whole. The workshop includes an inspirational lecture in which the participants get to know about high-rise buildings and modern skyscrapers. This is a task in which you can only succeed, but it nevertheless provides challenges and emphasizes the importance of prototyping and testing new ideas.

The participants will be facilitated by an experienced architect-pedagogue from Arkki staff.

In this workshop participants can not take the final product with them.