Available Courses

Arkki offers creative education services in three forms: a long-term program divided into modules, theme courses and workshops for children and youth. Workshops are also delivered for families and companies as recreation/bonding activities.

Here you can find all available Arkki courses in Vietnam at the moment. If you are interested in Arkki courses not yet available in your current location let us know!

Play & Create 1A

Play & Create 1A is the starter for 4-6 years old on creative learning through architecture and design. The course introduces STEAM and beyond subjects through playful and fun experiments, drawing and constructing projects. The program lays a foundation for …

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Explorers – Creative 1A

Creative 1A is the start of Arkki long-term education program for school age children. On this course we start building the foundation for the themes and skills to be deepened and expanded in the following modules. We ponder, plan, draw …

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Explorers – Creative 1B

Creative 1B is the second course of Arkki long-term education program for school aged children. This course deepens the understanding of the various elements of space, architecture and the environment from interior objects to city scale. The pupils are guided …

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Experimenters – Creative 3B

Creative 3B deepens the knowledge of pupils in STEAM & beyond subjects such as engineering, history and ergonomics as well as housing and city planning. Innovation skills are fostered through design projects that integrate multiple subjects. The pupils are guided …

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Experimenters – Creative 4A

Creative 4 A is the next step after 3B and offers a rich setting of interesting projects that combine and examine design and technology from different viewpoints. The holistic projects combine subjects such as math, history, geography, biology and architecture, …

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Creators – Creative 5A

Creative 5A introduces pupils STEAM & beyond subjects such as organic forms, ecological building materials, form and function, shape, mass and proportions. The pupils will build bridges between math and its applications in real world and practise their mathematical and …

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