Creators – Creative 5A

Creative 5A introduces pupils STEAM & beyond subjects such as organic forms, ecological building materials, form and function, shape, mass and proportions.

The pupils will build bridges between math and its applications in real world and practise their mathematical and logical thinking applying it to real world phenomenon. Artistic skills are practised through various techniques such as drawing, painting, and photographing. Composition and layout are practised in portfolio work as well as the use of ICT.

Visual art, design and architecture projects lay a foundation for the pupils´ local and global agency. In this course advanced skills, such as design thinking and co-operation are fostered through team planning project work as well as individual challenges. Project management is practised throughout the course. Pupils are guided in working systematically and persistently and taking responsibility.

Creative 5A is one of the starter courses for Arkki long-term program. Suitable for Creators i.e. pupils who have completed the previous Experimenters courses or pupils of 12 years of age.