Arkki receives every year thousands of international professional visitors,  pupils, families, and corporate groups interested in its wide range of workshops, camps, courses, the long term creative education, and team building-sessions at Arkki Finland school, located in the center of Helsinki.

In 2019 Arkki International professional programs were selected as an “Authentic Finnish Educational Travel Product” by a jury consisting of experts from Visit Finland and the Finnish National Agency for Education. Our programs were evaluated based on their attractiveness, authenticity, uniqueness, adaptability, educational content, and sustainability.

Workshops for international pupils

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Theme courses

There is a diverse of Indoor and outdoor selection that offers many interesting viewpoints into architecture, design, 3D modeling  and city planning.  There’s something for everyone!

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Professional visitors programs

Every year Arkki receives thousands of professional visitors interested in our concept, pedagogy, workshops, and activities.

There is a wide range of programs to choose to fit visitors’ interest, profile demand, and schedule. 

The content may vary from a short introduction to Arkki activities to a more comprehensive program that may include lectures on pedagogy, workshops, and class observation to follow the pupils in action.  Our sessions are highly engaging and encourage our hands-on approach.  We can tailor content and duration to fit the groups’ needs. 

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