Arkki concept

Arkki offers architecture and design education services in the form of a long-term program divided into modules, as well as theme courses and workshops for children and youth. Arkki education is given by teachers who have a degree in architecture, pedagogical skills and are thoroughly trained for the Arkki concept. The documented Arkki concept consists of the curriculum, teaching modules, described methods and project specific working tools and materials available for certified teachers at eArkki platform.

Arkki Module 1A

The first module of Arkki long-term education. On the course we ponder, plan, draw and build from all kind of different model building materials. Themes in this course are the basic elements in architecture; for example colors, shapes, structures. Suitable for children of 6-9 years old. Up to 40 hours of educational content taught during weekly sessions.

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Urban Design theme course

Theme course on urban design. On the course, children get acquainted with the built environment and design through imaginary planning projects and three-dimensional experimentation. Suitable for children and youth of all ages from 4 to 19 years. Up to 40 hours of educational content taught as an intensive one week course.

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Sweet architecture workshop

Children are builders of our future in all senses. In the Sweet Architecture workshop children can build their own fantasy house using candy and cocktail sticks as building materials. The structures of Sweet Architecture are based on space geometry; the sticks work as structural elements and the sweets as joints.

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Long-term education

The long-term programme of Arkki is divided into modules, which are designed for specific age groups. Teaching is goal oriented and progresses year by year. The whole program includes more than 30 modules and 300 projects and enables children to study architecture for the duration of c. 1500 hours in total. Each module includes educational content for up to 40 hours and is taught during weekly sessions.

Theme courses

In addition to the long-term education, Arkki offering includes more than 1o different theme courses designed around a certain theme or topic. Theme courses are suitable for children and youth of all ages (4-19) and are typically organized as full day courses for one week. The topics for theme courses vary from e.g. urban design to animation, environmental art and hut building. Some of the theme courses can be arranged outdoors, like the hut building course.


Arkki offering includes also shorter one-off workshops that can be run for a flexible duration, from 90 minutes to a full weekend non-stop come-and-go session. The workshops are well suited also as birthday party activities or as mega workshops in different events.

Arkki pedagogy

Arkki programs intertwine the “4P’s”; Projects, Peers, Passion and Play. Arkki program fosters hands-on building, creative problem solving and 3D construction. It aims to develop personal creativity and encourage individual and collaborative learning.
Arkki’s exceptional pedagogical concepts inspire children to learn through inquiry learning processes and hands-on experimentation. Learning is made fun and rewarding. Arkki’s phenomenon-based educational modules are designed so that everybody learns through success, positive feedback and cooperative learning. “Play, create, succeed!” is the essence of Arkki’s philosophy.